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Thursday October 26, 2006

The Association of Independents in Radio
Meeting of the Board of Directors
Thursday October 26, 2006

Present: Barry Rueger, Dolores Brandon, David Freedman, Karen Lewellen, Matthew D. Payne, Robynn Takayama, Jim Russell, Sid Selvidge

Regrets: Joan Rabinowitz, Sue Schardt, Jake Shapiro, Tony Dec

Meeting Commenced at 1:00 EST.  

1)     Approval of Minutes of September 12, 2006 Barry/Matthew approved

2)    Budget Presentation

Question: we seem to have brought in only 61% of projected membership revenues. The projection ($47,510.) represents a 10% increase over last year, our usual growth rate. The end of the year is when these revenues peak. Dolores and Kathy do track month to month and we are on track at about 8-10% above last year's income to date.

*Dolores said also that in fact the very latest figure is higher ($32,921.) or 69% of estimated income.

Jim notes that we only spend as income is received. Dolores notes that we have actually cut back on many expenses this year. Our biggest challenge is the possible loss of MacArthur funding. We have submitted a Letter of Intent, but have not been asked to apply. We are in limbo. A meeting is in the works.

As well as maintaining existing relationships, we must also develop new funding streams and broad contacts.  

Motion to approve Budget: David/Jim approved

3)     Committees

Main Priority is the transition when Dolores leaves AIR, esp. a search committee.
Question: how much are we telling people (funders) that a leadership transition is coming?
It is expected that they know already and we need to handle it with care.
Can we identify funding to assist in this work? Karen will help investigate.
Joan, Robin, Karen, Joan will form the Transition Committee: the purpose of this committee will be to come up with a plan that will then lead to a  search.

Fundraising and Long Range Planning:
A group will continue to work on the plan as outlined last July in AIR's Letter of Intent to  MacArthur. That committee will be Chaired by Sid Selvidge and  will include Jim Russell, Steve Rathe, Dolores Brandon,  David Freedman and Jake Shapiro. Next meeting of this group will be first week in November

Idea: Karen Lewellen suggests AIR explore the option of identifying and reaching out to individual donors in as sponsors or funders? Karen agrees  to develop a white paper on this subject; she will take the initiative and be the engine on this. Karen has already been in touch with AIR member Bill Palladino. She will report back to the AIR Board.

4)     Executive Appointments

Sid remains as Chair, Joan remains as Treasurer

Nominees are:
Robynn as Secretary --  Nominee: Dolores  Approved by vote.
Tony as Vice President -- Nominee: Dolores Approved by vote, pending his acceptance.
Jim as Vice President -- Nominee: Matthew - Declined

Discussion ensued re old vs new Board members as Executive.
If needed Matthew can remain in the Secretary position until January.

5)     Press Pass

Dolores suggests that we set up a member only discussion board to allow discussion of this idea. A Press Pass may also be a good source of new revenue. The Board agreed.
Jim volunteers to moderate the Discussion Board.
Dolores reminds everyone that AIR member Jay Garthwaite has volunteered to help with the actual implementation. Jay already prepared a draft pass which was sent out to the Board last August.  That draft pass will be recirculated to  facilitate  discussion.

The goal is to add the PRESS PASS as a service of AIR, for which members pay an additional fee.

6)    Meeting Adjourned 2:08 PM

The next meeting of the AIR Board is scheduled for December. Day and time TBD.
The next meeting of the Executive is to be confirmed pending word with Tony.