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AIR Board Meeting 13 February 2003

Minutes: 13 February, 2003



Steve Rowland, President/Chair
Dolores Brandon, Executive Director
Janet Dagley Dagley, Vice President
Matthew D. Payne, Secretary
Kathy Gronau, Treasurer

Kerry Donahue
Maureen Jackson
Joan Rabinowitz
Barry Rueger
Sid Selvidge
Steve Spencer

Tanya Ott
Dmae Roberts
Steve Robinson
Sue Schardt


   1. AIR Board elects new Vice President
   2. By-Laws RE: Board Term Limits
   3. Maureen Jackson: Bulletin Board-based Committee Projects.
   4. Open Discussion RE: Executive Director's recent Report to the AIR Board.

1) VP election. Janet Dagley Dagley nominates Joan Rabinowitz for the position of AIR Board Vice President.

Dolores thanks Janet for all of her hard work, and is glad that she will be staying on the board even though she's resigning from the position of Vice President.

Dolores asks for more nominations for Vice President: there are no more.

Steve Spencer and Sid Selvidge both second the nomination.

Janet makes her decision to resign as AIR Board Vice President official for the record before the board votes on Joan's nomination.

VOTE is taken: ALL in FAVOR.

Joan Rabinowitz is unanimously voted in as VP.

Joan asks for clarification regarding the function of the board and the Vice President Dolores explains: the VP is part of the AIR Board Executive Committee (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer) They are called upon by the Executive Director to meet and perform tasks/make decisions that they feel don't need full board attention. New ideas are run by them before presenting to the full board. AIR's Board President typically chairs Board meetings and the Vice President fills in if the President is unable to be present. The VP like any AIR Board member can be asked to represent AIR at various industry events and conferences.

2) Bylaws and term limits. In part because several Board member terms will be expiring this year Dolores had raised the question of term limits. The members whose terms will expire are Janet Dagley Dagley, Tanya Ott, Dmae Roberts, Maureen Jackson, Steve Robinson (all were elected and/or appointed in 2000).

There was some confusion regarding whether or not the bylaws permitted board members to serve more than two terms.

Although term limits don't impact any of those whose terms are coming to and end, (all can choose to run for reelection), several Board members (including officers Steve Rowland, Kathy Gronau, and general board member, Steve Spencer) are in their third term so there was some question as to whether or not we had inadvertently got ourselves into what Steve Spencer referred to as "material breech?"

This lead to a discussion and review of the By-Laws. Janet Dagley Dagley read the particular sections that spell out terms and term limits. Section 3B under the Board of Directors states that directors serve 3-year terms, with a 3-term limit. Appointed directors (Section 3C) have 3-year terms with a 2-term limit. Steve Spencer is in his third term. As an organization member he is in his second term. He was first elected as a general AIR Board member in 1996.

To the relief of all, AIR Board is not in material breech of its bylaws: Spencer is OK.

While discussing term limits, Dolores brought up the issue of officer re-election. The bylaws do state that AIR Board officers must be elected by the board of directors at an annual meeting (Section 3A). Matt Payne was appointed Secretary shortly after the PRC last May (2002). The President and Treasurer need to be re/elected.

A motion is brought forth to re-elect Kathy Gronau as Treasurer, and Rowland as President. The motion is quickly seconded by Sid Selvidge.


Gronau and Rowland are unanimously re-elected to their positions.

Dagley Dagley and Gronau question why we are talking about this now, given elections take place in the Fall usually and most of us are obviously too busy now with the Intensive too focus on this issue. Dolores points out that candidate statements for a Fall election are typically submitted in time to appear in the Summer issue of AIRSPACE That a call for those statements usually appears in the Spring issue. Also it might be possible to interest some new leadership blood to run for the AIR Board at the INTENSIVE.

Brandon moves: To hold 2003 Board elections in the FALL and have candidate statements appear in the Summer AIRSPACE.

The motion is seconded by Matt Payne


3)Interact@airmedia.org. Maureen Jackson is concerned about the effectiveness of the AIR's newly acquired webcrossings discussion boards, and wonders whether our online efforts are worth the expense. She notes while the LIVE CHATS are interesting, attendance is low, and the bulletin board aren't really been used. She feels we must determine what we want to do in our online world. Maureen acknowledges that it's hard to get people to the chats/ boards: she is currently working at CBS Marketplace where they put a lot of time, money and person resources in hoping to drive people to their chat rooms. According to Jackson, those efforts are not so successful.

Dolores gives a brief outline detailing where the money goes RE: Interact@AIR: to Webcrossing, to chat hosts, and to Josef. She also points out that while the attendance has not been growing for the LIVE CHATS, the archived transcripts are attracting surfers. In fact, Josef tells us that those archives are the second most surfed section of AIRMEDIA after AIRSPACE!

Kerry Donahue gives an update about Live Chat Sessions, based on a February 12th phone conference with Matt, Geo Beach, and Sue Schardt. Discussions included trying to find a way to promote the Membership Spotlight properly, giving the events a more recognizable community-based feel (and a hook that make people want to return), and set up the events in a way that gives a better flow and helps things to feel more interactive.

Matt Payne disagrees with Maureen's view on the Interact@AIR as not quite being worth the money. He suggests, since we're still in the early stages of figuring out what this site can do, that we need to give it a bit more time. He thinks it's still a workable, viable tool, especially with the use of Bulletin Boards to form committees which could discuss issues and form actionable ideas. Sid seconds Matt's idea, saying that we should give the site a year or so before determining its viability.

MAIN POINT: this has been an interesting discussion, but we should move on to the final agenda point, and keep this issue in the back of our mind.

4) INTENSIVE. Kathy asks who from the AIR Board is coming Sid, Kerry and Maureen plan to be at the Intensive.

Dolores explains again that INTENSIVE funding fell below expectations, consequently AIR cannot afford to subsidize AIR Board attendance with the exception of Rowland, Payne, Gronau and Brandon, each of whom is playing a major planning role.

Sid Selvidge announces he will be performing in SF on Sunday night (following the INTENSIVE).

5. CPB update. Rowland talked to Vinnie Curran, the new VP Radio at CPB: Rowland and Brandon will be scheduling a phone meeting with Curran to talk about AIR. Rowland is optimistic that AIR can renew and forge a productive relationship with CPB: that Curran is seriously evaluating the proposal review process at CPB and is ready to implement some changes in how the politics and philosophies that determine how proposals get processed.

Spencer points out to the Board that Curran was Chair of the Board of Station Resource Group, which helped to get Radio Exchange moved along. So, he's done some great work for independents.

THE MEETING was adjourned AT 2:08PM ET