New Voices Scholarships to attend PRPC 2013

AIR is pleased to open the gate to minority producers and program makers interested in applying for a New Voices scholarship to attend the PRPD Public Radio Programming Conference (PRPC) in Atlanta, September 17 – 19, 2013. The scholarships were established four years ago to support professional development for minority producers and program makers working across public media.   

The goal of this scholarship program is to help broaden the pipeline of diverse talent – those committed to the service ideals of public service media and show potential to help the industry chart new paths to more Americans. Are you up for the challenge? If you’re one of the 10-12 producers we select, AIR is committed to providing you a well-supported and unique experience designed to build your talent, expand your professional network – particularly among radio stations and producers -- and deepen your understanding of the field and the unique gifts you bring to your work.

Applicants will submit a brief statement outlining their big ideas for how they would make a positive impact on public media. We will accept requests for up to $1500 to offset costs associated with attending the conference. Final decisions will be announced by the beginning of August. Those who have never attended the PRPD Programming Conference are particularly encouraged to apply.  

Please note: Interested candidates should review the details outlined in the FAQ before applying. Those selected will be required to attend a few specific sessions at the conference, which are outlined in the FAQ.

+++DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 5:00 pm Pacific Time, Thursday, August 1. +++


<<We are no longer accepting applications. Please consider signing up for an AIR Ambassador stipend ($150). Learn more here.>>

If you have any questions about AIR’s New Voices scholarship, please review our FAQ or contact Erin Mishkin at

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