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AIR Board Meeting 19 July 2005

IR Board Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2005

Present: Barry Rueger, Sid Selvidge, David Freedman, Dolores Brandon, Matthew D. Payne, Kerry Donahue, Joan Rabinowitz, Geo Beach

Regrets: Amy Coombs, Jake Shapiro, Maureen Jackson, Sue Schardt, Dmae Roberts

Meeting Commenced at 1:05 EST.

1. Review of Minutes from April 13, 2005

Approved as circulated. It was really a great meeting in Baltimore at NFCB.

2. Report from the Executive Director

a) Joan: "We have a marvellous leader!"
b) Knight Foundation says that it may be a while before we hear from them, but we seem to be in the running. Sid has volunteered to help draft proposals.

3. Annual General Meeting and Board Elections

AGM will happen on October 11th 8PM EST. Elections happen in September. Candidate statements appear in the issue of Airspace that mails this week. All on-line balloting will happen before the AGM, with results announced during the Virtual meeting.

The Virtual meeting will once again include a survey of award winning AIR members. This will also be co-ordinated with PRX so that award winning pieces are available for listening.

Dolores will ask our membership to use an on-line form to tell us when they win awards so that we can keep track of such things.

We are endeavouring to keep our two hour agenda as tight and controlled as possible.

Discussion: Is having the CPB reps as guests a good idea? Thought is that it may be better to have them in September, and use the AGM chat to focus solely on AIR business. Dolores will follow up with CPB.


a) Dolores will tell Geo what we need during the meeting. And will determine timeline for AGM activities.

b) Suggested that incoming Board meet in advance of the AGM to elect the Executive.

c) Geo will work with the chat team, Josef, and PRX as far as organising the award winner's works.

4. Report on the Membership Drive

Matt is gathering prizes like hardware and conference registrations. Ideas should be directed to Matthew.

5. Upcoming Conferences and meetings

We're working closely with Mark Fuerst and the IMA to create a track. Otherwise the ED report covers everything.

6. Report on AIR spotlight, podcasting etc.


  • The Spotlight Crew is examining options for the next year.
  • Chats have their limits in terms of time zones etc. Running them is labor intensive.
  • The AIR podcast seems to have exceeded the chat and transcripts in terms of web traffic. It is more popular than expected.
  • Ideally the AIR podcast will be at least quarterly.
  • We would like a quarterly member interview or feature that is available on-line.
  • AIRspace of course remains quarterly.
  • This would give us four podcasts, four member interviews or chats, and four issues of AIRspace each year.
  • Chats are though nice for the interactivity that they offer. It's different when participants can ask questions and exchange ideas...
  • Hopes are to continue with Spotlight chats, just not monthly.
  • Other forms of interactivity are being examined.
  • Note that visits to the archived chat transcripts greatly outnumber the handful of actual chat participants. Are chats a cost effective tool when only a handful of non-Board members show up?
  • Kerry suggested a quarterly web-based Discussion Board (like transom.org) with a featured AIR Member so that interactivity could be maintained with the membership but without the real-time constraints of a chat room. Geo concurred.

a) All Spotlight and Board people should e-mail Matt and Geo with any further ideas.

b) Working group will send a proposal to Dolores by July 26.

c) Noted that Geo has already developed a plan.

7. Airmedia.org

Money is the hurdle to doing the major overhaul that is needed. We have done our groundwork and now need to fund it. Barry has done much work on developing this project. With some penny-pinching and creativity we should be able to begin work soon.

Barry has stated that he would like to oversee this as his priority for Board work over the next year.

8. Other Business

Podcast -- the numbers seemed really high for this project. We seemed to launch at the time when major media was jumping on the podcast bandwagon. This is where being part of the Independent Media Assocaiation is worthwhile.

9. Adjourned when the conference call ended at 1:55 PM.